Thursday, August 6, 2009

I LOVE Crate and Barrel

This has quickly become my absolute favorite place of all time. My wedding registry will probably consist of only Crate and Barrel items. The quality is amazing, and the designs are incredibly chic and will probably never go out of style.

I was looking for office furniture and decided to just check out Crate and Barrel. I fell absolutely in love with this desk, but I figured it would probably be really expensive. I decided to check out Ikea, Target and Pier 1. I didn't find anything I liked as much, but I found a few items. After price checks, it turned out the Crate and Barrel desk was the cheapest one!! SCORE! So, I just decided to go ahead and get it.

A few days after my order, I received this in the mail:

A card! It wasn't just a typed "thank you" someone had actually signed it and written out the address on the envelope themselves! Honestly, who does that these days? They definitely didn't need to do it, but they just took it a step further and sent a hand-addressed card. I was very impressed by this gesture.

Not only that, I received the desk 4 days after I ordered it. They told me it would be 2 weeks. So, again I was very happy!

The desk looks beautiful and it is exactly what I wanted!

Pics of the desk and my entire office will be coming soon. I just need to finish it up first!


  1. Love Crate and Barrel, but I started shopping at Arhaus first before going to Crate for furniture. The prices are about the same, but I like Arhaus' designs a lot more and, if you believe what you hear, at least some of Arhaus' furniture is made with better quality than Crate. Arhaus seems to always have new things in. While I like Crate, they pretty much have the same things all the time. I usually go to Crate if I want things to decorate tables with.

  2. my almost my entire kitchen is filled with crate & barrel--thank you wedding registry! :)

  3. Crate and Barrel is fabulous! Can't wait to see your pics. Have you checked out

  4. I love CB as well, they always have such fun stuff! It's also cool that they hand wrote a thank you! Definitely a classy company.

  5. Did you see my FB post earlier today?! It said I <3 Crate & Barrel! :)
    I had 3 wedding registries but my largest by far was from C&B...After all of the gifts we received from our registry i got a similar thank you card, only it was thank you for registering!

    Today I went in there and I have been really wanting this front door mat, i hadn't had time to stop by the store as i had been super busy. When i was checking out, i decided to ask on the off hand that they still had one left. Three ladies immediately started looking on the computer to make sure it was the one i wanted although they were sure they had sold out. Then voila the computer said there was one left in the store. They checked EVERYWHERE even all the displays! Then one lady found one in the very back under all of their new rugs, she had to really dig. Their service is impeccable! :)