Thursday, August 6, 2009

Busy Girl!

I am a busy girl! And it's fairly possible I may be going through a quarter-life crisis (per Ian). I am a major planner and organizer. I like knowing exactly what is going to happen next. It is to the point where I write a plan each weekend for what I am doing at each hour of the weekend. I know it sounds crazy, but that is how I can manage to get everything done. But, recently I have sort of decided that maybe that is my downfall. On a daily basis, I think about how decisions will affect the next ten years of my life. I am trying to get all my ducks lined up now! Sounds like a good idea (to me) but sometimes I start thinking about one thing and I just get overwhelmed with ALL the other things that I really shouldn't be thinking about right this minute! That makes it so I can't even focus on today cause I am freaked out about making my life go right for 2017! Does anyone else do this or is it just me, because I really think I am just crazy at this point!

Anyways, back to being busy. I went off on a tangent basically because I didn't post a blog yesterday! I am pretty busy these days with my 3 jobs plus this Aspiring Couture start-up. I am trying to figure out how to make my schedule a little more bearable right now. That should lighten my load a little more! That would be incredibly exciting because it would give me a little more to to sew, paint, and do all those things I don't even close to have time to do right now.

Photo by: Ian Silber

One thing that always makes me happy is when my friends come to visit me! We went to San Francisco for the day and found this incredible (I thought it was incred-other's didn't agree) coffee shop!


  1. Awww. I wish you lived close by so I could take you out for a coffee! You work so hard. It's very inspiring!

  2. hahaha! I know - I wish I lived near you would be better than California for sure! But, thanks so much! :)