Friday, June 26, 2009

Follow Friday - Fave social networks!

For follow friday I am recommending some of my other fave social networks and the twitter minds behind them!

@keepitclassyjen Creator of "Classy Closet" a fun network to talk fashion and other girly things! She has a couple of different blogs and things going on - which are all awesome! So, check her twitter out to get more info on all the different endeavors she has going on! Check out my profile.

@modepass Well, the twitter is actually in another language that I don't know, but the social network is pretty awesome! Simple, and complete with pics, video, articles, etc. there are a lot of ways to create your own image through modepass! Check out my profile.

@mompreneurcafe A fun network to connect mompreneurs together! Lots of networking and twitter talk is passed around ! It's a pretty cool site to connect with some other entrepreneurs who are all interested in helping each other! Check out my profile.

@cafehandmade A great great idea for a social network, twitter page, etc! The "cafe handmade lounge" is for all crafty people! This gives everyone a chance to connect, show off new products, get some great feedback. I personally love this site and use it a lot because I love the creativity in this one! Check out my profile.

@motherlove_ Writer and creator of the "Love being a Mother" social network. This is a great network for those mothers or soon to be mothers out there! Check out my profile.


  1. Awww thanks you ROCK!!! Super sweet!

    I will be emailing you this weekend!

  2. Wow so honoured to be on your follow friday list thank you so much for the lovely recommendation!
    Peace xx