Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Amazing Jewelry by YellowGoat

I am absolutely in love with this piece of jewelry! I think it is actually an incredible concept and the execution of it with the balloons being the "necklace" and the girl hanging from the balloons really does create the image that she is flying away with the balloons. I like the colors she uses, and I am a major fan of gold jewelry! It's coming back! Sort of reminds me of Banksy, though not entirely the same.

This artist - YellowGoat - has some equally adorable and creative pieces like the one above. The price tag, matchbox and sugar and spice jars, are all cute and clever pieces of jewelry! She is definitely one talented artist!

Based in Hong Kong, she has quickly made a name for herself through Esty making 53 sales after opening shop in November 2008. She's fairly new, but she has a great talent and a lot to offer!

Follow her on Twitter as well! Happy Shopping for all of you who love these pieces as much as I do!


  1. Oh I love YellowGoat! Her blog is really lovely as well http://yellowgoatdesign.blogspot.com x

  2. Well now Im in love again! Thanks for feeding my shopping addiction!!! LOL - Seriously - these are fab - the balloon necklace ROX!

  3. These are very sweet. I particularly like the I'm priceless one!!!! I have a t-shirt I bought in Amsterdam with a girl chasing a ballon in the shape of a heart and it's one of my favs.

    For the Sake of Fashion - Grazi

  4. Soo lovely! I heart that balloon necklace!

  5. Yes, she is one talented and friendly person!

    Tell me please, where did you "find" the other two balloon photos, especially the one taken in Israel? I couldn't find any photo credits here... unfortunately.

  6. Ohh my goshhh
    These are beautifulll

    I have a print of that Banksy pic in my room - adoree it!!

    Amazingg blogg!