Thursday, May 14, 2009

Follow Friday Love

Since today is follow friday on Twitter, I thought it would be a chance for me to recommend some of my favorite twitter people! I have had so much fun with these people and have learned so much from them and I want to thank them. For once - 140 characters is just not enough!!!

@SITSGirls This is actually a blog, but their twitter has some great updates which can be read about further on their blog. Their blog is a fun and interactive place for bloggers to go to get recognition. It also gives you a chance to be part of a community and a group of people who are like you. Go to the website and read about it! Then put the icon on your blog and become part of the club!

@Holly_Hanna This is the twitter of the Work at Home Woman website. It is a fun website and blog with so much information. The first time you go on it you could spend hours exploring all the different pages and reading the blog posts! She also posts some really great links!

She posts some great blog posts! The twitter feed is full of some great posts and great advice to help figure out the world of PR. I have definitely read a lot of these posts and they have been very helpful!!

She is so sweet! She is currently working on a collection of clothes and she always seems to be busy busy busy. Her tweets are interesting and very fun because she always seems to have something new going on!

@SIC_COUTURE She is a great person to follow. She is so nice, and though we have only talked over twitter, I sort of feel like we are besties! (Or at least real life friends!!) She is a talented designer, and her tweets are always lots of fun.

This is my list for this Friday. Each Friday I will post my follow friday recommendations as a blog as well as on my twitter! There are so many people I have become twitter friends with and I want to share these people with everyone!

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