Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today I came across something very interesting, and I don't really know how to respond to it!

I have been building up my brand and what I am trying to communicate and do for some time now. I have been very good about internet ethics. An example would be, don't steal someone's idea, their twitter friends, etc. Or give credit to the person who posted a link for you to see, etc. I don't feel it's right to rip people off and take their ideas especially in the internet world since it is so easy to "take someone's identity" so to speak.

Now today I found a blogger who is doing pretty much the same thing as me. There are some definite differences in it, but I feel like part of it is imposing in my idea. Now, I am pretty sure the idea wasn't taken from me. This I could pretty much count on. BUT, do i allow him to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, etc? Do I help him and give him support to his idea, or is that just going to feed him with material for him and take it away from me?


  1. I say, yes, let him follow, friend, comment, whatever. Why make an enemy off the bat by declining those invitations? You can both succeed; even if your ideas are similar, your take will be different, your taste will be different, than his. Trust your own voice and judgment, and don't worry about competition--there is ALWAYS competition. Do your best and play fair, and you'll be fine. Love your site, and thanks for following me on Twitter!

  2. Thanks! I agree with that, thanks for the comment about it!

    Who know's maybe we will become good friends :)

  3. Do your thing to the best of YOUR ability.

    There is enough out there for everyone to enjoy a prosperous life. (Dr. Covey's 7 Habits) Do not worry about others, frauds and fakes will be discovered by there deeds.

    If you are truly wanting to build a brand, then build it to your best.

    Focus on you, not the other guy. Give good advice when asked and be able to lay your head on your pillow at night knowing you did what you do well.

    In the end, all you can control is your thoughts and deeds. Do everything with purpose.


  4. "Dr. Covey's 7 Habits) Do not worry about others, frauds and fakes will be discovered by there deeds."

    First of all LOVE THIS! :)

    OK, I was looking at my stats and saw a link from your profile page on the classy closet and you listed ME as your inspiration!?!?! WOW!!! That really really really made my day! :)

  5. We had a similar situation on our blog. We completely feel your frustration. The world wide web can be a treacherous place, with little repercussion for bullying and rampant plagerism. Stick to your mission, and take pride in your work. Nobody does "you" better than yourself:)