Monday, February 22, 2010

Springtime is here!

Spring: The Season of flowers and Life. The crisp lights from the sun overcasting the flowers giving it a tender appearance. Spring is a season where all colors unite to create something beautiful, and an opportunity to break Fashion Barriers.

The spring piece that was chosen from Designer Marinaasta is a Raw Silk Dress that is colored with a deep plum shade. The decorative flowers are hand painted and the length of the dress is 96 cm. The Price of this striking dress is $99.00!

We interviewed Designer Marinaasta to elaborate more on this piece as well as her collection. Her view for this collection is Spring, and to her, “Spring is the year Awaking”. Her signature style is to add her painting creations on every piece she makes and this particular piece took two days to complete. Marinaasta is a painter and learned fashion design from her Grandmother then began tying the two together. And where did her inspiration come from? "I look around with wide eyes open and ready to catch any inspiration with everything”.

You can find Mariannasta’s designs on her Etsy page.

Much thanks to Jenny Lopez for the inspiration behind this post! :)


  1. Really gorgeous dress
    Rianna Bethany xxx

  2. What a beautiful dress. The hand painting is exquisite and I love the styling of the hair and makeup!