Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jean Straps.

Jean Straps are a pretty simple product, you strap them to the bottom of your jeans to hold them down while putting on boots. I thought they were a simple product, but not something I would remember to use everytime I put on boots. After using them, I decided I liked the product and would definitely use these with my boots. For a mere $10, I think they are definitely a product to add to your closet.

I wish they came in more colors, and were possibly a bit more durable, but I think this is a great first product and I am excited to see how the company grows and what more they do!

Check out their website!


  1. Wow! I definitely need to look into those. I always have problems with bunching when wearing my boots with jeans!

  2. hihi, what a cute idea!! i usually just tuck my trousers in my socks to make sure they stay put, but that doesn't always feel comfy... so i'll def be checking these out!