Monday, November 2, 2009

Sweet Proposal

Sometimes you come across a blog post or some story that is just BEYOND amazing. One's where you get goosebumps reading them, and you pretty much want to start tearing up yourself. And though these people are complete strangers, you feel like you really know them after this.

I am a major fan of Bakerella and when I saw this I just died!

I love her cake pops and these are adorable. She basically went on showing how to make them, and THEN.....

You really have to see the entire post on the blog as this does it almost zero justice!

Then check out the "She Said....." post to find out what happens next! And to get the back story behind this.

And she has this cute blog of her own which everyone obviously went to to wish her congrats.

Rich (the proposer) is amazing

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