Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Aspiring Couture is partnering with......

Rebecca Minkoff

Yes it is true, Rebecca Minkoff, one of the biggest names in fashion at the moment, is partnering with Aspiring Couture for our "Winter on the Runway" fashion event!

If you haven't noticed, the Rebecca Minkoff name has been popping up more and more and her bags are basically everywhere! Her collections are incredibly popular with celebrities but are also in stores like Bloomingdale's, Sax Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus!

With all of this it is no surprise that Aspiring Couture is BEYOND excited that she is partnering up with us to host "Winter on the Runway".

Rebecca wrote this on her blog, "When I started sewing as a small child, I could only dream of the success that I’ve achieved today. This weekend, I was reminded of the days before Rebecca Minkoff was a worldwide brand, and I was just another aspiring designer." How fitting is that! As the whole purpose of Aspiring Couture is to turn aspiring designers into world-wide brands!

So, let's welcome Rebecca Minkoff as a partner to our "Winter on the Runway" fashion show!

Thanks Rebecca!


  1. Ohhh, that red bag is simply delicious!!! Congratulations Rebecca on your success and thank you AC for showing off the goods!

    ASA Designs