Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Introducing, Aspiring Couture's newest designer, S LOVE!

S LOVE offers a chic collection of dresses and scarves. I love this collection because of the whole experience. The pieces are stylist, the photography tells a story with each piece and the minds behind S LOVE are incredible people with a real vision of where they want to go with their label. For me, that says a lot because I have seen lots of brands and labels who really don't have all these things in place. That is not a bad thing, as everyone has to start somewhere, but with S LOVE the communication of the brand is there.

S LOVE offers a line of dresses and scarves right now. In the works right now are a couple of things which you will find out about soon! I can't wait to show you what's coming, but for now the dresses and scarves are suffice to the true potential!

This is my personal favorite piece of the collection.

Check out the S LOVE collection of dresses as well as scarves on aspiringcouture.com now!