Thursday, September 17, 2009

Does Size Matter?

I have wanted to touch upon the subject of plus sizes because whether we want to "believe" it or not, it is definitely part of the fashion industry and something that we can't just our backs to. Today we have Karol from Plusologie writing for us! Plusologie is blog discussing plus size fashion and she recently launched her clothing line as well! And now, for her...


Ask any plus-sizer looking to wow friends at a class reunion or any high school teen looking to simply fit in. The fashion industry has advertently made size matter when it comes to style.

Size doesn't decide who has style and who doesn't; that daunting task has arrogantly been decided by the apparel industry that has long voted plus-sizer's off of the fashion island. It's much harder to have style when you can't even find stylish clothes in your size thus your less likely to see visuals of all the fabulous plus-sizer's who have managed to trump to the top of esteemed Style recognition though all the elements of the apparel industry are constantly working against them.

Usually when we see someone and say,” Wow, she's got a great sense of style." What we are ultimately saying is, "Wow, I'd like to look like that." And unfortunately, the forerunners of the apparel industry, most laughingly referred to as Regular sized, are reluctant to give stylish plus-sizer's their recognition for fear that being plus size is contagious. Some even feel that it's a crime to be plus sized. They’re not going to reward that kind of behavior with any positive mentions and further go on to believe that providing stylish plus size clothing is just promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. Which is basically saying, "You are so fat that you don't deserve to even try to look good because you’re hopeless!" Isn't that niceeee, just peachy!

So not only do stylish plus-sizer's have to put up with size discrimination, they also have to succumb to be evaluated by the fashion industry that is both judge and jury. Let's face it, on a grand scale, fashion editors and publishers decide who has style or not. To all those fashion editors and publishers who continue to not show editorial pages of plus-sizer's looking stylish, confident, and full of beauty from head to toe ... Your putting out a message that says, "This club is restricted, you need not apply!", Hmmmm, and I thought that was now illegal.

Writer: Karol from Plusologie.

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  1. I Really Don't Think Size Doesn't MAtter., But Editors At Vogue, Elle,, Marie Claire., Wouldn't Say The Same Thing
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  2. Big bottom girls, you make the world go 'round