Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wedding Wednesday - Wedding Blogroll!

Due to the fact that a bunch of my friends are currently on their way to the alter, and the fact that I am unnecessarily obsessed with weddings, I spend quite some time reading wedding blogs, scouring wedding idea website, and choosing color combos. I'll be the first to admit that it is totally weird, but it is quite a fun create. Weddings are so beautiful in many ways that whether the wedding is yours or not, the outcome can have a profound effect on you.

I don't really know how many of my readers are brides-to-be, but hopefully those of you that are way past this point can still find something enjoyable about looking at gorgeous wedding photos!

For my Wedding Wednesday post this week I have decided to post a little wedding blogroll! These blogs have beautiful photos and are just very inspirational. These are a few of my favorite blogs with some incredible ideas and photos!

Style Me Pretty
Broke-Ass Bride
Eco Chic Weddings
Brooklyn Bride

I love the idea of using fruit as decoration! This centerpiece is simple, beautiful and colorful! It is so different, yet so chic!

What a great way to say thank you! :) Photo Credit: Creative Abubot

If you want to use your photographer to the fullest-I suggest looking through tons of these wedding blogs and finding picture ideas you love! Also, looking at photos may really help you get inspired to come up with your own creative ideas! :) PhotoCredit: Flickr

Leave a comment with your favorite wedding blog to help out those brides-to-be!


  1. here is my favorite...
    enjoy it!

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    I had my flowers done by the local supermarket. :)

  4. OOoooo I'm loving Wedding Wednesday girl!!