Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jesica Milton - (and a sale!)

Jesica Milton, featured designer on, offers class and elegance through her clothing. These pieces mark no time period, so will likely never go out of style!


From now until the end of the weekend, all Jesica Milton pieces on will be 10% off!

These photos were taken for Jesica of the items she is selling exclusively on You can also check out her website for more of her amazing work at

How did she get started? "After I finished design school I missed the hectic schedule. I have a hard time sitting still so at first my line just started as a way to stay busy. I was selling on etsy and doing custom design for friends, but I quickly got a lot more serious about it and started really focusing on building my brand and selling through boutiques."

What does Jesica do when she is not sewing?
Working on my line takes a lot of time and energy, so when I'm not hard at work I mainly just like to relax. I love to take my dog for walks around Seattle, get dinner & drinks with friends, and going to comedy shows. My guilty pleasure is reality TV! I get a total kick out of shows like the Real Housewives of NJ."

Where does her inspiration come from? "Inspiration for my garments comes from architecture, art, a certain mood that I'm feeling, or just a lot of experimentation with fabric. I don't really plan a conceptual theme in advance, it's more important for me to follow my intuition to bring a collection together. Wearability is also extremely important to me, though I am planning on including a few experimental pieces in the collection I'm currently working on"

The colors are so vibrant and beautiful! They are bold and rich colors that look good with any complexion or hair color!

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Photo Credit: Cooper Falk
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  1. Oooh...I love the bright blue dress! Its gorgeous :)

  2. I think the pieces are adorable especially the blue dress and purple skirt ( Seeing that I love that shade).

  3. You remain the effortlessly chic Jesica Milton that I know and love.

    R.E. Whaley, Ph.D.
    New York Fashion Academy