Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wedding Wednesday-my inspiration

I found this amazing wedding bouquet somewhere and just loved it! I like the idea of the polka dot wrap over the stems. I think it is incredibly creative, and really adds to the look of the actual bouquet. I was looking online at different places, and couldn't really find any other ones like this, or anyone that made these type of wraps. I am sure it wouldn't be that hard to make as a DIY wedding idea, but at the same time, some people don't have the creativity or time to actually follow through.

So, for Wedding Wednesday I thought I would show off this idea! I also would love to see someone take this idea and start creating these little wraps to sell! I hope this comes as an inspiration to some, and hopefully someone will e-mail me after this with their newfound bouquet wrap company! :)

If I spend so much time looking at wedding blogs and looking for awesome ideas and I am not even engaged, imagine the insanity that will strike when I do become engaged! You better hope that day comes soon if you want to get some amazing Wedding Wednesday posts!

How about you, do you look at wedding blogs and wedding ideas when you are not actually having a wedding?


  1. I love the colors, it's a very fun bouquet! I think it would add a more spontaneous vibe to any wedding! Very nice.

    P.S. Don't feel badly about looking at wedding blogs and coming up with different ideas, I DO IT TOO!! I'm sure almost every girl does, or.. at least I like to hope so!!

  2. Every girl does it! Even those who don't even have a boyfriend {sniff sniff} ;)

  3. I'm soo in love with wedding planning and thankfully at least once a year someone I know is getting married :) I think some girls are just girly girls and still love the romance of a wedding

  4. I never looked at this stuff until I was engaged. But boy oh boy, did I make up for lost time with my wedding mags and blogs and books, etc. etc.!

  5. I look at wedding stuff ALL THE TIME and although The Boyfriend and I are headed that-a-way it's probably no where near time to be NEEDING to look for ideas. And yet I do anyways. I think it might be a sickness!! I even have copies of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine hidden in my coffee table under the US Weekly's, I don't think he'll ever find them.

  6. I've been obsessed with wedding stuff for about a year.. I've been favouriting web pages and have a real life box of magazine cuttings etc.

    I hope you get engaged soon! Then I can look to you for inspiration, the blog is beautiful. I got engaged last week, so excited!

    Not had time to check out any wedding blogs but love Style Me Pretty, such great photos and ideas.. x