Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wedding Wednesday-The Flower Girl!

Wouldn't you want this cute baby to be your flower girl? What a fashion statement. Just picture it-beautiful formal white and gold wedding, with the accent colors you can't live without-and down the aisle walks this little cutie pie instantly lightening the mood and creating a bold statement no one has seen in a wedding before! You would be the talk of the town :)

Or you, in the picture below, look at that lovely skirt! It is made with care and attention instead of just "sewing something together". I love this one as well! Not quite as "bold" but still such a cute piece! I love the layers and colors on that skirt!

Clarissa Nassar, founder of POSHpreneur, is also the creator of these pieces through her line Tres Couture. She is one busy girl with her blog, etsy shop, Posh Parent as well as being a newly appointed Glambassador!

These pieces were made for everyday wear, dress-up, or wedding! So buying one of these cute skirts means that it won't be sitting in your closet forever next to your wedding gown catching dust. :)


  1. Thank you for featuring me today!! :D You are such a sweetheart and a great pal!

  2. Oh my gosh, that first photo is adorable!