Tuesday, June 9, 2009

LauraKathleen Designs

This designer offers the look of simplicity and versatility in the clothing without going overboard or being boring! The simple styles and fabrics are perfect for a day on the sun, or a nice evening out. There is so much you can do with these pieces to dress them up, or dress them down which make them a great contribution to your closet!

In the above dress she takes a simple black dress, and adds a twist to it with the sleeve choice and the whole in the middle. The clothing isn't boring or too simple or something you have seen a million times. She really adds her stamp to each piece of clothing by making it different, yet it is still simple and chic.

Check out her website (It's ADORABLE!!) and you will find an extra treat-swimwear! That's right, she has some very cute styles up right now too!

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  1. So can you buy her clothing on her website? I didn't see prices or anything on there. Cute stuff!!!

  2. Oh I see she is in St. Louis!! Cool! That's where I am.... :-)