Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Launch-Nikera Clothing!

NIKERA COTHING - a great friend of Aspiring Couture's, has just launched her beautiful, brand new website! You definitely have to check out the new site, new line, and everything else she has on it!

"Nikera Clothing" stands for "Nikki's Era" with the mission "to bring class and sophistication back to the streets of America." Starting in the fall of 2008-Nikera is quickly becoming known for her unconventional color choices and designs. We can always use something to spice up our lives, and through this clothing collection we are well on your way!

Such a great artist and friend, Nikki has had an interesting life, but had one goal above all others to change the "boredom (she felt) with the choices of fabrics and patterns within the ready-to-wear departments.” A great goal if you ask me! I haven't seen anything like her work before, and I couldn't be more excited to see what is coming up next! (Per her-Kids, Men's and Swimwear!)