Friday, June 19, 2009


So, I may be a bit obsessed with the iPhone-honestly I think I am. But, I have been phone-less for about 2 days, and I absolutely hate it! So, that sort of gives me a reason to be sitting here blogging in the line for the new iPhone at 5:43 am. Right?

I started last night where I packed 3 protein bars, an apple, banana and water-as well as my laptop, business calender, make-up (cause I obvi didn't do my make-up BEFORE I got here!) so I would be able to stay busy the whole time. I laid out my outfit, put the bags together, set 3 alarms so I would for sure wake-up, and then headed to bed.

No joke, I couldn't sleep!!!! I kept looking at the clock -2 more hours! - 1 more hour! until my alarm went off. I got ready and left. I arrived at the Apple Store at 5:02 :)

There were about 30 people in front of me-most of which, I later found out, had pre-ordered. (Don't know why they didn't come at like 9 when there was no line. They woke up at 4:00!) Free Starbucks came by, and I sat on my computer sending e-mails, blogging and tweeting! I ended up tweeting with a guy in line with me, and another not too far away! What fun it was.

Steve Woz came and of course there were people getting his autograph and talking to him. I wasn't one of those people. They announced at about 5:50 that they were going to be opening the store early. Instead of 7:00 it was going to be 6:00! I was out of the Apple store, iPhone in hand at 6:32 am.

I have to say that Apple is amazing. It was quite a seamless experience. They escorted you from place to place in the store, and then you left. There was no confusion, problems or anything! They finally have it down to such a science-which makes it so simple for all the people who are waiting in that line!

So, congrats to Apple for finally figuring out the iPhone release situation! Oh and the new phone is great! :) That's a picture of my baby! (The WHITE one!)


  1. I bought an iphone not a month before the latest version was released. I should be pissed but it's such a cool phone that I don't really care :)

    Great blog- I'm adding you to my blogroll!

  2. Does it really sucks?? Because I'm picking on up tomorrow!