Wednesday, May 27, 2009


KColine is the name behind this collection. Find more at

The style, design and attention to detail of this artist, is what really pulled me in. The simplicity of the pieces make it easy for anyone to wear and not feel too over the top. Yet the edgy addition, such as the back of the skirt, make this designer's work worth talking about. Her shop is just full of pieces like this!

Not only are the pieces incredible, but the photography is done tastefully in a way to aid the communication of the piece. Photography is very important in the fashion industry, as a poor quality photograph doesn't forward the communication of the piece, and the reader ends up being distracted by the photo quality. She definitely has the designs down, as well as the photographs-which is a great combo! Her shop is full of pieces like the one's in the pictures above.

Reffered by: alexkeller

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