Friday, May 29, 2009

Diary of a Poshprenuer

The POSHpreneur

I started this post about a week ago, but never finished and posted it! After talking to her in the last couple of days (I wrote this before I had ever even talked to her !) I found that this was a very fitting post-and was much deserved by her!

I have to take a quick sec to thank this blogger. Her name is Clarissa and her blog is the "Diary of a Poshprenuer" This blog has been a huge inspiration to me. I have read every post (since I found it) and have yet to be disappointed by the content or the message of her blog. Her posts are so helpful! She is using her knowledge to help other people learn so they can turn around and be successful. She tells personal stories, business tips, and everything in between! It's just great.

I will recommend this blog to anyone-as it is the top for me! Thank you for all your help and all that you do with your blog!

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  1. You are so sweet for posting this! :) I saw some traffic coming to my blog from here and just thought it was from a button link...this really really made me SMILE! :D THANK YOU!!