Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some thoughts!

I have been meaning to update this. I have written the start of about 15 posts. Seriously! But, I can never finish them because I either get too busy, or I can’t figure out how to incorporate my posts when I am still doing all the prep work and not going all out on getting designers. So, I decided to just sit down and write something-just communicate!

I have gotten some amazing feedback on this so far, and I am so happy that I have these people in my life who really do want to support me. I am really excited about the millions of ideas I have running through my head. The first thing I actually put into reality, looking at the product and knowing I did it, will be the most amazing day of my life!

I am looking for more people who want to showcase their works, but I figure when going up to San Francisco and going to other places (LA etc.) I will have a good amount of material. Once the website goes up, I will be able to just put it all up and go!

I do have to say something about the wonder that is Twitter. I have had a personal account for a long time, and have always been seriously obsessed. On my @aspiringcouture account I gained a lot of followers pretty fast. I feel like I have this whole twitter life- and people I know, even though it is only through the internet. I have found some great people, great blogs, etc. through twitter as well. I have been getting positive feedback from many people, and its just great! If you follow me on twitter, thanks so much!

I am going to start sewing again soon! Pretty excited to do that. I will post pictures of the first piece when it is done! In the meantime- I will post on designers I find, or who I will be featuring on my website!

Please give me any and all feedback you want! I would love to hear your comments and opinions!

Oh-and here is a pic of me, just in case you don't know who I am!

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