Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Urban Alley - Fashion With a Meaning

Don't you love fashion that has a meaning behind it? Well, the new line of urban street-wear from Urban Alley is definitely one of those brands that has a MEANING behind it. Each of the t-shirt represents a civil rights movement of history. It's a piece of art, a piece of knowledge and a piece of history which allowed us to be where we are today.

The idea for the line is brilliant. When shopping through all the different designs, you get the story behind the movement. When wearing one of these pieces you are supporting that piece of history and that important movement. And you know how I barely ever talk about men's clothing here at Aspiring Couture (which should be changing soon!) Well, there is plenty of a men's line here for sure!

"Dwain Young and Brian Thomas created the Resistance line to memorialize important events in history, spark dialogue and spread cultural consciousness. “Our clothes are walking history lessons, paying tribute to events that changed the future and make us who we are today. The Resistance line is all about the shared history that
many of us have forgotten or never knew. Urban Knowledge Street Wear is not just a clothing line, it is a movement.”

There you have it! A walking history lesson. I love all the different ways fashion can be used as a means to communicate to the world.Check out Urban Alley to be part of the movement!

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