Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy First Birthday Aspiring Couture!

1 year ago today, I was sitting in virtually the same spot working my little butt off during the launch of Aspiring Couture. I was thrilled with the amazing feedback, and so excited about all that was to come. Here was my little idea rolling around in my head, and all of the sudden (well, after much hard work of myself and Ian) here it was being shown to the world. It was quite the day for me.

Before then, I spent lots of late nights on my computer making the boutique just perfect for the launch. I was blogging every day and just getting into this new world that I had never been exposed to until then. It really was just the beginning!

In the past year I have seen the steady growth of Aspiring Couture, including two very successful runway shows! I have met tons of great people, and been able to connect up with a large part of the fashion world.

Aspiring Couture has also helped as a launching pad for my various other endeavors including Engaged and Inspired, a wedding blog turned event design company, writing for 5 various blogs/online magazines on a weekly basis, creating and working on the launch of a new product, etc. Aspiring Couture really is where it all began.

I want to thank everyone who for all of the amazing support. What keeps me going is that I know I am talking to YOU. Your love, kind words, and everything else you bring is why I am here right now. Thank you for being here, whether you were here 1 year ago watching the launch, or you are a new-comer to Aspiring Couture.

Happy first birthday Aspiring Couture. I hope to see many more very successful birthdays to come from you!


  1. Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Aspiring Couture and you, Allison! You're a very hard worker and I love, love this website/blog/idea and you too! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of it :-)

  2. Thanks SO much! You have been so incredible and have saved me quite a few times :) You're such a part of the success!

  3. Happppy blogiversary!!
    Many many congratulations, wish you alll the best for the future and many more to come
    I adoooore your blog <3