Thursday, August 27, 2009

Feathered - Oh My

I was changing some things on the website today and looked at these again. I just love them. Blair, the designer behind Feathered, sent me one a while ago. I have worn it a few times, and I get MAJOR compliments every time I wear it. It is such a unique idea and something you don't see often (though the other day I did see cheap ones at Forever 21. They are so not the same though!)

These are all only $25, which is completely affordable!So check out the stock we have at as we offer almost 20 different looks. Some prices and pictures were changed!

This is the piece she sent to me.I was even happier with it in person than I was with pictures. The quality is amazing, and it was made with such care!

Below is a picture of mine in my hair. This is so not a "good" picture of me, but you can see how awesome the piece looks in my hair!

Good Day!


  1. They're just so gorgeous- very pretty!

    Florrie x

  2. What stunning pieces!


    P.S. Included a Selah D'or dress in my post today :)

  3. Allison, you are awesome
    please note though that the piece in the middle is not $25.00. the ones that are, are the small pins, not the headbands!!

    thanks again for the blog post!

  4. If you love fine feathered things, check out:

    my friend's etsy. She is a creative mastermind!