Thursday, August 20, 2009

Artist Interview - Kempt

Kempt, an emerging handbag company, is introducing the newest bag to their collection, the Kempt Pure Tote. I am very excited about this new bag as it is completely environmentally conscious, while maintaining an incredibly chic look. The quality is absolutely fabulous and the design is very clean.

Kempt offers almost 20 other styles along with the Pure Tote, all of which are different sizes, designs, and colors. Erin Voorhies, designer of these bags, definitely has a talent for timeless, clean designs.

I got in touch with Erin to find out a bit more about her brand, her goals, and herself! There is also talk of selling Kempt on Aspiring Couture! How great would that be? Stay tuned to find out more details on that soon! For now, read on to discover some great tidbits about the Kempt line!

Kempt - Interview of the artist

1. Where does your inspiration come from?
I find inspiration everywhere- old things, new things, art and design,
craft, film, music, the urban environment around me and the natural

2. What makes your bags special and one of a kind?
Each and every bag is produced entirely by hand and in limited
quantities to insure that an unparalleled level of attention is paid
to all details.

3. What is your artistic communication which you convey through your
line of handbags?
I am interested in the creation of timeless style and unparalleled
craftsmanship. I am constantly inspired by artists and designers who
are able to seamlessly blend the old with the new. I aim to do this
with my handbags by combining classic and timeless silhouettes with
interesting colors, materials and craft techniques.

4. When you are not working, how do you spend your time?
When I'm not working on Kempt (which actually ends up consuming most
of my time) I like to work on various art projects - I am currently
taking a weekly pottery class where I'm attempting to master throwing
the perfect vase on the potters wheel. I also enjoy exploring
different neighborhoods in NYC - there's always something new to
discover, whether it's a fantastic restaurant, boutique or beautiful
tucked away street.

5. In terms of selling and marketing, how are you getting your name out there?
We are constantly in search of new outlets for increasing Kempt's
exposure whether it's through traditional media or interesting
boutiques that share a common perspective with Kempt. We constantly
send out press kits and develop relationships with people and educate
them about our brand.

6. What advice would you give to an aspiring designer that you found
to be extremely workable when growing your own company?
The best advice that I can give to an aspiring designer have a clear
and realistic goal in mind and a solid plan for how to reach that
goal. It's inspiring to find yourself getting closer every day to that

7. What was it like when you first launched? And how has that differed
from how you operate now?
When I first started Kempt, the consumer culture was drastically
different from today. Women were much more comfortable investing in
their accessories and handbags. Now due to the current economic
climate, those same women might not be as comfortable spending as much
on a handbag or might limit themselves to buying only one great bag a
season. We have taken this price sensitivity into consideration and
developed Kempt's Pure Tote. The Pure Tote retails at $400 and
provides an entry level price point for the Kempt Collection. I am
currently working on developing additional styles for the Pure Series.
These bags maintain Kempt's impeccable craftsmanship and quality
materials but are simpler in construction and require less time to

Thanks to Erin for taking the time to give us an inside look at Kempt! Stay tuned for details of the Pure Tote coming to Aspiring Couture!