Monday, July 13, 2009

The POSHprenuer's Mommy Monday Tip!

This week for "Mommy Monday" I thought it would be great to consult none other than Mrs. Mom herself! Clarissa, owner of the Posh Parent, and my daily read The POSHprenuer, one of the first blogs to inspire me to start Aspiring Couture.

She recently made a huge announcement, and decided to take a bit of a turn with her baby clothing company, Tres Couture. "After having ran my own baby boutique, I am now expecting my 3rd child and decided to put my boutique on hold and 100% focus on helping others get their boutique started!"

So, what is her fashionable tip for mothers? Read on and find out!

Glamorous Life of a Mama

As a mother of two children, soon to be three, I can tell you being a glamour puss has never been more of a challenge. There are the early morning fights over cereal, the afternoon playdates at the park and again, the fights at dinner over who has more juice in their cup. It never ends and with all the chaos of parenting sometimes it is easier to throw on sweat pants and a tank top and call it "dressed".
Boy do I miss the days when I woke up at 7am to get ready for the day and took my time watching the news while I ate my breakfast. Had the ability to try on a few things to decide what I wanted to wear and then put on make-up and did my hair at home. Yeah, now I sometimes find myself putting my make-up on while my husband is driving. My hair? Thank GOD for short layers and pomade! A true Godsend.

In my constant search for all things mamalicious and chic, I cam across a bag by a mom designer. Pinnington Bags are technically diaper bags. I know that when you think of most diaper bags you think of baby blue or soft pastels. I have to be honest with you--I saw a picture of one of these bags and thought that it was just a regular bag. I am really into big bags so it caught my eye immediately. Nope, they are diaper bags made in absolutely gorgeous designer colors.
I'm lucky enough to be the proud owner of one of these beauties and I have to admit that I almost wish this was my design. It is so chic, so posh and so glamorous. I mean, what other PTA mom of 2 has a designer bag? Not many that I know! And with a price tag of $330.00 it may seem a bit much for some but I can assure you that this bag will go beyond motherhood. I actually used it on an overnight trip with the girls. There is nothing about this bag that screams "diaper bag". The inside of the bag has plenty of compartments to hold things like diapers, bottles, medicines or even your wallet, tampons and hair products.

Take it from me, I am pretty much known for my style and sense of value as a Glamour Magazine Glambassador. A Pinnington Bag is a must have for any mom. If you can look this glam while carrying around baby bottles and diapers, you can proudly boast your glam mom status with pride.


  1. The ideal bag for every yummy mummy! I love the pattern on the front, very funky.

  2. THANK YOU so so much or this opportunity, Allison! :)