Thursday, June 11, 2009

Follow Friday Faves :)

Here are some amazing designers and some of my twitter faves! i fully recommend following all of these people. I have had lots of fun doing so!

@featheredDesign She is a great designer. She makes something that I have not actually seen elsewhere, and I think it's great. The ideas of the pieces are great! Follow her for more info on her budding designs! She is also awesome!

@Plusologie This is a great twitterer and she has a great blog. She touches on issues that aren't talked about all that often, and I think it's great that she has brought up some great issues. She posts some great tweets and has some great blog posts as well!

@bailart He is pretty awesome! I totally recommend following him as he has some interesting things to say and is very interested in others!!!

@edit_d She is a great artist, and has some amazing work! Follow her to find out what she has going on now-and what is new!!

@AtelierShoes She has a great idea going! She offers a new take on shoes, and it's a really great idea! Find out more about designing your own shoes by following her. I love following her-and I just love the ideas she has!! She is also a totally nice person-love talking with her!

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