Friday, May 8, 2009

Breaking the Writer's Block

There are so many chances to just fall, and honestly, I don't think it's worth it to live life trying to please everyone, or trying to be invisible!

My whole thought behind Aspiring Couture is to find those people who are talented and not give them the chance to fall in the background. I have recently been so inspired by the work I have seen from up-and-coming designers! It's just incred!

I will start having pictures soon ! Tons. Oh and video! I want to do interviews, photo shoots, etc :) its about to get really fun. I just have to stop stopping myself and getting the darn show on the road!


  1. You've just described what stops most people from success...That's right.....THEMSELVES. To reach the next level, we all have to get over that hump called fear. Fear stops you in your tracks and creates procrastination. For inspiration, I like to listen to the MaryMary song called "Get Up...Gotta Lot to Do. 24hrs almost gone...Get Up!" I've also been inspired by a quote from Lisa Nichols, a motivational speaker and author who has built a company doing over two million dollars of business from her living room, "People ask me how I did it and I tell everyone the same thing...I've got the same 24hrs that you've got, What are you doing with your 24hrs!"

  2. That's very true!!! I am pushing myself more :)